Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey

Many people have tried to quit smoking using many different methods because they have not chosen the right method for them they have not been successful. Most people will have to try several times to quit smoking before they are successful. But by using one the oldest and most well known methods you can quit smoking cold turkey so long as you are prepared. Make sure that you are wanting to stop smoking and have the motivation to keep going even though you will could have nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and that you can not just rely on will power to stop because that is sometimes not enough motivation.

The one thing that most people assume when you quit smoking cold turkey that you can not use any smoking cessation aids such as nicotine gum or patches. But when using this method it is great if you use these aids mentioned because these aids will help you if or when your body starts to go through withdrawal symptoms or has nicotine cravings that are associated with smoking that you can not seem to handle on your own.

To improve you chances for permanently quitting using this method you need to follow and understand a few guidelines that come with withdrawal or nicotine cravings:-

Drink plenty of water to help flush your body out quickly.

Keep you mouth busy and keep a chart of what is occurring when these cravings happen and you will be able to help make it easier with what is going on with your body.

Try taking a walk or calling friends when you feel like smoking, that might help distract you from wanting to smoke.

Will power is important and your success will depend on how badly you want to quit smoking and whether you believe that you can be successful.

Just keep in mind that not everyone has these feelings of withdrawal or nicotine cravings and the symptoms can differ from person to person. You may be one of the lucky ones that can handle these feelings easier than most. At least this method is one of the only free methods available and if you are not successful the first time trying to quit smoking cold turkey, there are always more effective treatments available to enhance and double your chances of quitting successfully that can be combined together to help you quit.

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